Knee Pain

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5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Many people use massage therapy to rest their bodies and muscles. And why not? Nothing feels better than having your tension kneaded out by a professional with skilled hands. But there are also a number of health and wellness benefits, beyond the blissful sensation of melting into a massage table. Consider the perks a good therapeutic […]

Save Your Back with the Right Gardening Equipment

Gardening is easily one of the most popular Summer activities—but what toll is it taking on your body? The right equipment can make all the difference. Read our blog to find out more.

Shovel Smart: Tips to Prevent Injuries

The proper posture and planning when you’re shovelling snow can prevent serious neck, back, or joint injury.

Pain Relief With Cold Laser Therapy

Modern chiropractic treatments like cold laser and radial shockwave therapy help relive pain in your muscles, joints and connective tissue by stimulating cell growth.