Chiropractic Care

With our extensive range of tools and techniques, we pride ourselves in our dynamic offerings to suit your individual needs.

Our Method

Our chiropractic method includes a careful assessment of any complaints and a customized plan that best fits your goals. Our treatment recommendations vary based on patient preference and chronicity of the injury and/or pain. Relief may be experienced in as little as one or two appointments.

Our clinic is equipped to handle the most chronic of issues, ranging from injuries, concussions, severe pain, and extremely limited mobility. A chiropractic table specifically designed for chronic pain, and severely limited mobility is available to ensure your visit is made as comfortable and easy for you as possible.

We use different modalities and techniques to address your pain. We are able to assist you using rehabilitative therapy, radial shockwave therapy, soft tissue therapy, spinal decompression and flexion-distraction, mobilization, cold laser therapy, and advanced instrument adjustments.

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Radial Shockwave

Radial Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive therapy for pain relief and tissue repair. Its benefits can be felt immediately and can be very long lasting! Shockwave works by directing high energy acoustic waves at injured, degenerated, or stiff/tight tissue. The waves will accelerate the healing process for both acute and chronic conditions.

Soft Tissue

This non-invasive manual therapy technique is designed to address soft tissue restrictions that contribute to pain and restricted mobility. Soft tissue therapy, with its versatile techniques like pin and stretch muscle release, is the missing link often overlooked in injury rehabilitation. By focusing on soft tissues, you can expedite your healing process, regain mobility, and reduce pain.

Spinal Decompression &

If you've been grappling with chronic back pain, sciatica, neck discomfort, or even chronic tension headaches, you may find solace in spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression therapy is a non-invasive method that aims to alleviate chronic back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and more. This therapy involves controlled stretching and relaxation of the spine using a traction table. 

Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy can make a big difference in your healing process when dealing with pain, swelling, and other discomfort. This remarkable treatment uses low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to stimulate damaged or injured tissues. These lasers emit a special kind of light that penetrates deep into your body, reaching the cells and tissues that need healing.


Practiced by Dr. David Connick, Graston Technique is a valuable instrument-assisted approach to soft-tissue therapy that offers numerous benefits. It is especially effective at identifying areas of restriction and breaking up scar tissue. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, there also appears to be a neurologic advantage to treating patients with Graston Technique Instruments.

Rehab Therapy

Chiropractic rehab therapy aims to reduce pain and discomfort by addressing the root causes of your physical issues. By doing so, it helps improve your quality of life, allowing you to perform daily activities with ease. Whether you're aiming to reduce pain, increase flexibility, build strength, or enhance your balance, this therapy has something to offer you.

Am I covered?

Coverage Included in Most Health Benefit Plans

All of our chiropractic treatments are covered as a traditional chiropractic treatment. Check with your benefit plan provider to see if your plan includes chiropractic care.

Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) Approved

We are an approved provider by the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB).

Approved for Direct MVA Insurance Billing

If injuries are sustained in a motor vehicle collision, our chiropractic treatments are pre-approved for direct MVA insurance billing.