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The Many Ways a Chiropractor Can Help with Your Headaches

The Many Ways a Chiropractor Can Help with Your Headaches

Chiropractor headache treatment options are becoming more popular by the day. This is because most people experience headaches from time to time. Frequent headaches in particular are big detractors and inconveniences to day to day life. They hamper our ability to think clearly and calmly to make decisions, process emotions, or accomplish various tasks during the day or night. In short, frequent headaches are disabling and effective treatment options are a welcome relief. However, all headaches are not the same. Contact us for chiropractic treatment. 

Different Types of Headaches 

There can be different types of headache that you can experience, these include;  

  • Tension headaches: These commonly manifest in a band like tension around the head.  
  • Migraines: Migraines result in pain on one side of the head. They are also commonly accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to sound and light.  
  • Cervicogenic headaches:  In this case, the source of the problem is the neck though the pain is perceived in one or several areas of the head or face.  

What Causes Headaches? 

Although the causes of headaches are not well known, the combination of stress, poor posture and repetitive activities have been shown to cause tension headaches. 

The following activities also contribute to frequent headaches 

  • Working at a computer all-day 
  • Constantly looking down at your phone 
  • Playing video games for hours without breaks 
  • Driving for hours without rest 
  • Sleeping on your stomach 
  • Clenching your jaw during the day or at night 

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Headaches? 

The above activities tend to overstretch the muscles on the back of your neck and weaken them which increases your predisposition to having frequent headaches. 

A chiropractor can assess, diagnose and help you manage headaches. Research shows that various chiropractic headache treatment options are highly effective in treating tension and cervicogenic headaches. Studies also show that chiropractic headache treatment options can help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.  

These are the common headache treatments that chiropractic clinics offer:   

  • Manual therapy 
  • Modalities including acupuncture, ultrasound and electrical stimulation 
  • Soft tissue therapy 
  • Lifestyle changes and education 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Referral and co-management 

It is essential that you take headaches seriously. Not only are they an inconvenience but could also indicate other underlying issues. Therefore, if you experience frequent headaches, consult a chiropractor for headache treatment. If your headache is accompanied by fever, weakness, stiff neck, numbness or difficulty in speaking, seek immediate attention. 

Tips by a Chiropractor on How to Manage Headaches 

Leading chiropractors recommend the following solutions to manage headaches. The following tips can help you ease or prevent headache pain in your daily life.  

  • Minimize stress: Try to limit or reduce stressful situations.  
  • Take breaks: Limit the time you spend undertaking a single activity such working on a computer, looking at your phone, playing video games or driving. 
  • Stretch and exercise: Use various therapy tools such as a ball or cane to stretch or massage out your shoulder and neck muscles. 
  • Change the way you sleep: Try sleeping on your side or on your back with a supporting body pillow while your neck is in a neutral position.  
  • Avoid clenching your jaw: If you can’t stop clenching your jaw, talk to a dentist to recommend a good mouthguard.  

Relieve Your Pain 

If you suffer from constant headaches and are looking for a new way to treat your symptoms, give us a call today for chiropractic headache treatment. Our professionals at Whyte Ave. Chiropractic are here to help you enjoy your life pain free.