Custom Made Orthotics and Other Chiropractic Treatments


Custom Foot Orthotics

If you suffer from chronic back pain, leg pain, or foot pain, it could be a result of improper lower-body alignment. Your chiropractor may assess your foot biomechanics and, if necessary, recommend custom orthotics (shoe inserts). Orthotics will reposition and realign your hips, knees, and feet, relieving the strain on your lower limbs and back. In assessing each person's orthotic needs, the Whyte Avenue Chiropractic Clinic uses both dynamic computerized gait-scan technology and static foam casting techniques. Custom orthotics are covered by many private insurance plans.


Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation uses gentle exercises to help people recover from injury and restore their capacity for free, easy motion. Your chiropractor may design a supervised program that will meet your specific needs.

Soft Tissue Therapy and Active Muscle Treatment

Active Muscle Treatment is a movement-based muscle release technique used to treat soft tissue and restore proper muscle and joint motion.

Your chiropractor may use Active Muscle Treatment and/or myofascial release (focussed massage) to provide long-lasting relief from headache, backache, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain, shin splints, and other painful conditions that stem from overuse or restricted motion.


Flexion Distraction

Flexion Distraction involves the use of a specialized table that simultaneously distracts (stretches) and flexes the spine in a gentle cyclic motion. Flexion Distraction reduces pressure on lumbar discs and improves spinal joint motion.

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